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The relatively low property and state income taxes, as well as a variety of housing and financing options, make buying a home feasible for most new residents.

All types of homes are available including single family residences, townhouses, cluster homes and condominiums. Subdivisions typical of metropolitan areas are numerous and popular because of their proximity to shopping centers and schools. It is even possible to achieve an almost rural setting in the valley areas. Some residents prefer to commute from nearby cities like Rio Rancho, or Los Lunas. Wise buyers will want to look at housing in all areas of the city in order to be satisfied that they buy what is best suited to their needs and income.

Numerous building permits for single family residence and commercial properties were issued last year. According to the Albuquerque Board of Realtors, the average price of a single family residence is approximately $158,500.

Your Relocation Specialist will work with you to find a home that suits your needs as well as finding the best financing for the property you select.

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